Benefits of Recycling

Poseidon started silicon recovery from discarded semiconductor wafers in 2004. With the strong growth of the PV industry, Poseidon started to offer silicon recycling services to the solar cell manufacturers. The waste generated by the solar cell manufacturers have started to grow exponentially and has overtaken the silicon rejected by the semi industry. This waste is an extremely valuable resource for 2 reasons

1.   The silicon used is of very high purity (>7N). This recovered silicon can be used as a substitute for polysilicon

2.   The quantity of energy consumed by the polysilicon industry is extremely large (~200KWh/Kg of polysilicon). In addition, this manufacture produces large quantities of chlorinated chemicals that needs to be treated and safely disposed

Our recycling service reduces the energy consumption as well as the usage of the hazardous chemicals by the PV industry


Value for Solar PV Companies

Solar PV Companies generate a lot of waste. Being a “green business” it is important to also follow the 3R in our business.
Poseidon has the capabilities to process the following:

1.   In Process Solar Cells

2.   Broken solar cells: We can recover the silicon from these solar cells with extremely low silicon loss. These can be mixed with other feedstock to produce multi crystalline solar wafers again. The product that we produce is “crucible ready” silicon.

We are providing this service to a few EU based solar companies who have to show high levels of internal recycling. Being a ISO 9001:2000  and ISO 14001:2004 certified company, we are a preferred choice for these EU based companies